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Meaningful terms…

In any industry, there are terms that people use that are quite specific to that industry – either they are technical terms unique to that field (jargon), or they are just a way of representing things that a normal person won’t relate to. When some of these terms are taken out of context, things can get really hilarious! 🙂
A simple example is your “status” in messenger applications… It’s not jargon per se, but it can be used in a pun… Set it to “Available” (meaning, to chat) and you’ll have some jobless people (like me :P) asking if you’re so desperate to get hitched – hey, it looks like you’re advertising that you’re single and ready to mingle – correction, desperate to mingle! 😀
Then come the “clashes of jargon” – “taking a dump” in some countries means relieving yourself after a heavy meal (not drink!)… In software, the same term is used to indicate taking a snapshot of the memory, or taking a “memory dump”… So it can be quite hilarious when someone is asked on a mail-thread to “take a dump and share it”, or told that he should use “a remote computer to trigger the dump”! And it’s also funny when the said someone responds saying “I’ve shared my dump at this network share. When can you analyze it and tell me what’s wrong?”… I feel extremely tempted to respond with “You need to contact a medical lab for that!” 😀
But the best, in my opinion, are the following two:
1. “Privates”… When a big code change is made, the programmer usually builds the binaries privately and gets the tester to verify them. Over the years, the term “private binaries” has decayed to just “privates”. I can’t help laughing when I hear a programmer ask the tester to “test his privates”, “check the privates” or better yet, “verify that the privates work fine”. It’s funnier still if it is meant to be tested for performance or reliability (under stress)! Imagine hearing: “When can you get me the performance numbers for my privates?” or “I want you to stress my privates out completely – run everything on it for a week!”… Now don’t tell me you wouldn’t laugh if you heard such stuff… 😛
2. The other one is something that people on the lookout for jobs would’ve heard a lot of: “openings”… Typically, “job openings under a manager” is the term used. I’ve heard of people asking managers if they have any jobs for them, and the managers responding with “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any openings under me right now”, or “Sorry, but all my openings got taken just last week and I’m full up”; worst is “I’ve found someone more qualified for this opening”. And job search ads say they expect “x years of experience to fill this opening” or that they expect someone with “expertise in x field” for the opening. I think they should probably add “should not have any sexually transmittable disease” to that list – sounds more practical, right? 😉
If you come across any more, leave a comment about it – I’ll update this now and then with any new gems I encounter… 🙂