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The Frost Dragon

I sit at the window and watch the dragon fly about – it is a frost dragon. As it breathes on the world below, the very air seems to freeze solid and fall. I’m glad I’m sitting indoors wrapped in a warm blanket and not running about out there. I watch as a polar bear draws the dragon’s ire and the huge beast swoops down. A few seconds later, the dragon rises into the air again, and the bear’s lifeless corpse lies in a tomb of ice. I make a mental note to collect the bear’s claws and pelt later. The claws will come in handy when I next make potions, and the pelt can be tanned to get some good leather.

A couple of mages and an archer take shots at the dragon, the mages with firebolts and lightning bolts, and the archer with steel arrows. These will hurt the dragon, but not much. There is no way they’ll be able to kill the dragon, so I sigh and run forward to help, with my trusty assistant tagging along (I use my assistant mainly to haul my stuff around, but he can fight a little too). A few blows with my trusty sword (imbued with flame) would surely kill the dragon, but the dragon has to first land before swords can be of any use; so I hang back, occasionally shooting firebolts at it which usually miss. You see, I’m not much of a mage and my aim is hopeless if the target moves – and this darn dragon seems to fly all over the sky! Finally, the mages and the archer and my assistant hurt the dragon’s wings enough that it is forced to land.

This is my chance. I quickly sprint closer and start hacking away at the dragon. The flame on my sword burns and hurts it more than anything else could – I would’ve been in soup had this been a fire dragon or elder dragon (I forgot my frost sword at home), but the stars favoured me. Soon, the mages are dead and so is the archer. My assistant is on the ground, recovering his strength, unable to fight for the time being. The lumbering beast slowly turns to me and there’s only one question running through my mind – can I kill it before it kills me?

It roars and its breath freezes everything around me and I feel myself dying. I quickly gulp down a potion that will help my body resist the cold and warm my blood and I feel much better. I cast a healing spell on myself with my left hand and hack away at the dragon with the sword in my right – and I’ve attacked the darn thing so much that my skill with one handed weapons improves! A while later, just when I run out of mana (magic power, for the uninitiated) and begin to think there’s no killing the stupid thing, I see an opening – its head comes too low when it snaps at me. In a flash, I climb on to its head and start striking its maws with my sword while it tries to reach me in vain. Pretty soon, it does what I expect – roar in frustration. My sword immediately pierces its tongue and comes out the bottom of its jaw with the force of my thrust. Blood spews all over the place, and my armor is soaked in dragon blood (thank goodness dragon blood doesn’t rust armor). A final roar, and it falls. I jump off, and as I watch, the dragon’s skin starts disintegrating; I absorb the dragon’s soul. And I can finally learn to breathe frost too, much like this dragon did! I scavenge some dragon bones and dragon scales before I move on – these will do just fine for my dragonscale armour, when I get around to making it. Time to go kill a few undead creatures before looking for the next dragon.

Suddenly, I hear mom call me for dinner, and I snap out of my trance. I have to leave my magical window for now, but I can return to it after dinner to look for more dragons. As I get up to leave, there is a power cut – it was for just a few seconds; the generator kicks on almost immediately, but the damage is done – I wasn’t able to save the game. It takes all my resolve not to swear – hey, I just need to kill that darn dragon again. I can do that! So with a whistle on my lips I saunter off to have dinner as my XBox starts up again and Skyrim loads up once more.