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Forget C

A few weeks earlier, I’d heard the “Write in C” song on YouTube and found it funny, but that was about it – life went on. And then a friend posted the lyrics on FB, and a ‘discussion’ started. And the discussion raged on and on. I’d like to say it went on for days and months and years, but it was for just for a few hours. Halfway thru it, I felt we needed a response. And after I commented that “C” was probably picked simply because it rhymed with “be”, another friend commented saying they should’ve used more appropriate lyrics, like “Use Scala instead of C”. I thought that wouldn’t fit the tune of the song, but then, that pushed me to think of something that would. And then, in an auto on my way to work, I decided to write this. The auto guy probably thought me crazy coz I was humming the tune most of the way, but he didn’t drive to NIMHANS, so that shows he didn’t think me too crazy. Or he thought all software engineers were equally crazy. Whichever it was, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, enough chatter. On to the song (or what I hope is one)!

(Sing to the tune of “Let it Be” by the Beatles)

When the pointers start dangling and
Memory leaks rampantly
Here are words of wisdom:
“Forget C!”

When you need well-structured code with
objects and code so classy,
Even C++’s better!
Forget C…

Forget C, forget C,
Forget C, oh forget C…
C#’s here to save you,
Forget C!

When your code needs to be written
To run on all processor families,
Java is what you need!
Forget C…

When you really need performance
Most people turn to assembly;
Why’re you so stubborn?
Forget C!

Forget C, forget C,
Forget C, yeah, forget C…
Scala is so awesome!
Forget C!

Forget C, forget C,
Forget C, oh, forget C!
With Perl and Ruby for the web,
Forget C!

Forget C, forget C,
Forget C, yeah, forget C!
Unless you have an exam,
Forget C!

DISCLAIMER: The author (ok, that’s me, but I’m trying to make it sound like a proper disclaimer, okay? So bear with me! I mean, the author!) thinks this song was apt a couple of decades ago, but not any longer. The author believes C still has some relevance today, though in what is becoming an increasingly niche place, as newer languages eat into its pie. This was written purely as a response to the “Write in C” song. The comparisons there were unjustified, as are the ones here… 🙂

This is meant purely for fun, but if the C fanatics out there feel offended and wanna tear into this, feel free to! 🙂 Moreover, multiple languages can be swapped in this song and still be accurate. Java and C#, for an obvious example… This is not really so much about the other languages though! 😛

A request: If someone can sing this and put up the video on YouTube, that would be awesome! Please provide a link to this post though! 🙂